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Academic Tutors

Every year, academic tutors are appointed within the College to assist students with their studies. Our tutors are typically senior undergraduates who have done well in their own studies and assist students in junior years through providing tutorials and consultation times.

The New College ATs for 2014 are:

  • Alistair Smith (Senior Academic Tutor, Mechanics, Maths 2E, Numerical Methods and Statistics, also facilitating upper Mech Eng subjects)
  • Mark Brody (Computing, ELEC1111)
  • Stephen Butler (Chemistry) 
  • Daniel Keith (Physics, Coordinator for upper year ‘non-engineering’ maths)
  • Cassie Murphy (ENGG1000, Biology, ENGG1811, CVEN subjects 1300, 1701, 2201)
  • Bill Walton (Algebra, Higher Maths)
  • Jethro Dickens (Calculus, MAPLE)
  • Kenan Milham (Humanities, Coordinator for ‘Introducing Law and Justice)
  • Jaspreet Nagra (Commerce (ASB), Coordinator for ‘Torts’)
  • Lucy Hanlon (Medicine (shared), primary tutor for 1st year Medicine)
  • Jake Parker (Medicine (shared), primary tutor for 2nd year Medicine