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Academic Tutors


Academic Tutors

Every year, academic tutors are appointed within the College to assist students with their studies. Our tutors are typically senior undergraduates who have done well in their own studies and assist students in junior years through providing tutorials and consultation times.

The Academic Tutors for 2015 are:

  • Senior Academic Tutor, Jethro Dickens: Mechanics (solids & dynamics), Fluids and Thermo, MATLAB, MATH2089.
  • Emily Kozera: Medicine (shared) – assignments & clinical skills
  • Kylan Low: MATH2E, CVEN subjects (1300, 2101, 2201, 2301), ARCH1101, ARCH1102, ENGG1811.
  • Elizabeth May: Medicine (shared) – coursework & tutorials
  • Brayden Morris: Algebra, MAPLE, ENGG1000
  • Jaspreet Nagra: ASB courses (excl. Accounting), Law
  • Matthew Palmer: Computing, MATH1081
  • Matthew Pisto: Physics, ELEC1111
  • Scarlett Stemler: Humanities, Psychology
  • Matthew Teusner: Chemistry, SCIF1121. Holding notes for BABS1201
  • Johnny Wong: Calculus, Higher Maths material, Accounting 1A & 1B